Quality Assurance


Proven Quality From Lucidity

The operating conditions place the higherst demands. All Lucidity LED products are therefore tested during development and properly inspected at production line to meet the highest demands in terms of quality so that they can achieve maximum performance. 



IPX9K Water Tester

powerful high temperature water jets

PX9K is the highest level of water ingress protection rating which mainly indicates the durability of an object and complies with ISO 20653


IPX9K Tester in Action

Lucidity LED products are tested at a water volume 14-16 liters per minute, water pressure of 8000-10000 kPa / 80-100 bar at a distance of 10-15cm and water temperature of 80°C. 



Water Spray Test

Lucidity LED products are tested under real environmental conditions in the world class IP rain tester.

It is equipped with devices for rains, spray mist and powerful water jets with increased pressure.



Immersion and Pressure Leak Test

In this test, the LED products are submerged in water for 30 minutes in an immersion tank at a depth of 1 meter.


Dust Test

The dust protection test measures the degree to which a LED product is protected against the ingress of solid foreign particles, including dust. 


Salt Spray Test

The salt spray test is a standardized corrosion test method, it is used to check corrosion resistance of materials and its coatings. 



100% Inspection

All Lucidity Glo Track & work lamps are 100% air-tight inspected at production line to ensure every single unit is completely water proof.