Blink Device for Side Marker Lamps

SKU:  68012
Unit:  pcs
According to ECE R48, Rev. 6., vehicles of categories O3 & O4 (trailers above 3.5T) homologated after 18 Oct, 2017 side markers must flash synchronously with direction indicators.
- Numbers of side markers connect to the cable of the device which will be centrally controlled by Blink Device.
- Universal version
- Operating temperature -30C to +50C
- 1 unit per vehicle side, 2 units per vehicle
- The maximum current consumption of marker lamps must not exceed 2 amperage per blink device
- IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof
Part No. Voltage Current Capacity Input Cable Function connect with LED D.I. function Output Cable Function connect with LED Side Marker Connection Length
68012 12~24V 2A/each white: ground
black: power
yellow: blink
white: ground
black: power
input: 520mm cable
output: 520mm cable

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